Communication is key …

Living with hearing loss and/or tinnitus brings its own challenges, insights, life changes, and hidden gifts & silver linings.

My own experience has led me to become quietly passionate & publicly vocal in finding ways to support others to find their peace & life balance, to continue to fulfil their dreams, and to live well and thrive in all the ways they possibly can.

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Awareness of support available is vital … and my heartfelt, personal thanks go to those who continue to encourage & support me along the way ~

Tinnitus UK / Adam Chell / Kate Jaconello / Julie ‘Jules’ Bates / Daphne, Gillian & Gwen / Libby Rose / Gwen Charlton / Tony Kay

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British Tinnitus Association

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Adam Chell

Action on Hearing Loss

“Where there is hope, there is light.” ~ © Louise Hatch

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