I write. I always have.

One of my first memories is of scrawling across several pages of my Aunt’s Basildon Bond writing paper, thinking and believing at the time that I was composing a letter. I got into trouble for wasting the premium paper ~ but a habit had been formed.

Throughout my teenage years and into adulthood I would keep a journal of my life and my thoughts and feelings. But as work and the commitments of everyday life took hold, I let my musings take a back seat.

Occasionally I would become inspired and bash out poetry on an old upright typewriter. However, I never felt confident enough to bring that writing out into the light of day. I began several books which didn’t reach completion and I filed them all in the ‘one day’ folders. Some reside there still.

I did however write lyrics, hand in hand with being a vocalist in the many band and song writing collaborations I was blessed to be a part of for over 25 years. I sang and told my stories in 3 to 5 minute bursts of rock, pop and new age music.  

My soul writing came to the fore again after I was diagnosed with congenital, bi-lateral, sensorineural hearing loss and sudden onset tinnitus. The early days of that time 12 years ago was tough. I found solace in the creativity of writing. The moments at my desk became a sanctuary of peace and expression as I came to terms with a new way of life.

As a singer, my voice is once again expressed and heard through words and lyrics.

A silver lining.

Two other silver linings also emerged, a co-owned retail venture Dragonfly Lifestyle.

And a co-founded tinnitus support network, Tinnitus Rooms, Greenwich.

It is a dance with courage to share the things we hold close to our hearts, I feel the time has come to gently spread my writing wings and see where the winds of creativity carry me.

Thank you for stopping by.

My best to you.

Louise xx