Wild Sky Woman

A taster of what’s to come …

All we can do in the end is follow the impulses, not the everyday indulgences, but the deeper calling to explore. To let go of preconceptions, the dive into the void that will reveal its treasure, in time.

This experience leaves the ego pondering its position. It grapples with the challenge. It wants credit and acknowledgement. It wants to remain the last point of contact. But the heart is now in charge, the heart is the receiver and the transmitter.

You and I are the transformers.

Each day in our lives we can choose to bring back the gold from the wild spaces, use it wisely, share it widely, set it free. And when the time comes to replenish the stores, we will know.

As we have always known.

The Call of the Wild.

(c) Louise Hatch 2021

All rights reserved.  

“Believe in the magic.” ~ © Louise Hatch